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Nacada Gives A Final Verdict On Student Test Against Drug Abuse

The command that was provided by Maranda Highschool Principal, Edwin Namachanja, about one week ago that Students to be tested against substance or drug abuse has been averted by Nacada. The body (Nacada) said that there is no law that states students to be tested in the republic of Kenya.

One week ago Parents from Maranda received a message that “ Students to be tested in a public health facility and certificate be provided during reopening. Subsequently, there will be random testing conducted by the school.” In Contrary Nacada has now releaved the parents the testing fee amounting to ksh 1500.

Although some parents already did the test, they had no chance to recover there money. The students were also charged ksh 5125 as a repair fee for the dormitory that was set a blaze. “Drug testing should be part of a comprehensive intervention programme and should not be used as a sole solution to the problem of alcohol and substance abuse in schools.” Said Nacada CEO Okioma.

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