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Why Teachers Now Stare At Huge Salaries In The Much Awaited CBA

The teachers are not relenting soon in their quest for better remunerations.In the recently signed CBA,the unions agreed with TSC to begin a fresh salary negotiation for the much awaited CBA.The SRC dashed the hopes of the teachers at a time when they needed money and had even psychologically prepared themselves for the higher salaries.

The teachers are bitterly set for the tpd modules trainings.The registrations at various institutions are already on.The Commission has planned that teachers will renew their teaching licences after every five years.

The teachers are eargerly waiting for their next CBA since they believe that it will have a monetary component.However,they are now possibly staring at huge salaries in the coming CBA.While rolling out the new tpd modules,the CEO stated that the teachers have always been referred as semi skilled or unskilled.This has been barring the commission from bargaining on behalf of the teachers.

Now that the trainings will be non-stop for the teachers,it is believed that they will now earn higher salaries since they will be regarded as skilled like the lawyers and Engineers.Hopefully,after trainings,the subsequent CBAs will see them earn huge salaries as signaled by TSC CEO.

The views above are personal opinions.The writer is an Educationist.

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