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The journey to Vision 2030 is possible as CBC gives more hope to the success of Kenya.

With the coming of CBC, many things have changed. Right from the teachers to the community, with many parents not accepting this change.

In this article, Skywriterspro will give you the findings, recommendations, and conclusion of their studies and research on the new curriculum.

Firstly, let's go back to history: before the coming of CBC, 8.4.4 was the used curriculum even up to now it is not completely done away with. The 8.4.4 system was theoretically based and the system was discriminative as it only favored the bright students.

According to research done by Skywriterspro, it was determined that in a class of 50 students only 5 of them may excel in their studies. Not that the others are may not, but they are gifted differently. Meaning that in every 50 students Nationwide only 2 or 3 do make their success through education. The question that many ask, where does the other 45 go? They are left to struggle in society. This is the reason why more than 4 million youths are unemployed in Kenya as the education system only equippes the students with theoretical knowledge that can only profit those who go for further learning in the college but the others are left without any weapon to fight for their survival.

For instance, in 2020 almost 800,000 students seat for their KCSE exams. However, at least 120,000 students managed to reach colleges and universities. Meaning that the students whose life in school became a waste were almost 650,000.

From these gigantic number of students that are left with regrets in their hearts. The government was forced to intervene and the only solution was that education should not waste pupils' life rather create their future regardless of the student's abilities. Therefore, a new curriculum was formulated to secure all students' futures.

To many parents, they see the new curriculum as a burden but in a real sense, they will see the benefits once their kids will finish their senior high school. This is because CBC is based on identifying the abilities of the child and equipping the child with enough skills and knowledge for them to apply in the real world.

To sum up, Kenya will be among the most developed countries in Africa in the next 10 years. This is because the education system will produce people with skills and knowledge of all kinds. From footballers, chefs, computer experts, engineers, technicians, doctors, pilots, businessmen and women, politicians, farmers, pastors, entrepreneurs, and many others.

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