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You Will Not Believe What This Teacher Did For This Little Girl

Writing this story warms my heart. A female teacher in a certain school which has not been disclosed has taken her time to mend a dress belonging to a girl.

Undoubtedly, this picture has won the day. Just seeing it makes one's heart be filled with happiness and you may find out tears dropping from the face as it shows the love that we humans ought to share among ourselves.

The girl pictured in the image had come to school with a torn dress. May be her parents had financial problems and could not managed to mend it themselves. But nonetheless, the girl had to go to school.

She arrived at school where she was met with unwelcoming eyes from everyone, both teachers and pupils. But when the female teacher saw what the girl was going through, she offered to mend the dress herself. I believe it was a mother's love that sparkled within her that drove her to feel empathy for the girl and mend her dress.

The teacher even went miles to cover the girl with a "leso" as she was doing the repair.

What a beautiful story. Please do not forget to follow.

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