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HELB First Time Application, All You Need to Know

After finalization of the KUCCPS university and college placement, students now have their minds set on the admission and helb application process.

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Applying for a HELB loan to help finance your tuition fee and upkeep needs is one key step for those who are financially underprivileged. A large number of the students may panic over what to do next, what steps to follow and the resources and requirements needed for this process.

This article will provide answers to any questions you might have concerning the application process.

Who is eligible to apply for a HELB loan?

Any student above the age of 18 years and is a Kenyan citizen is eligible to apply. Though it's good to note that priority is given to students from humble backgrounds compared to those from well-off families.

When will the application window be opened?

First time applications usually are scheduled between late July and early August. Communications will be made through the HELB official websites.

Is it a guarantee that I'll get approved after applying?

No. The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) considers a list of factors before approving your loan request. Among the things considered is the financial status of your parents, your residence status, course, whether you're an orphan or not and other factors.

For instance, an orphan may be given priority compared to a student with both parents.

What are the requirements?

National Identify Card copy

KRA Pin Certificate

KCSE Certificate/Results Slip

Bank Account from a recognized bank

Copy of your bank card/ Stamp from the bank

Copy of your parents ID

Copy of Death Certificate (If either or all of your parents is/are dead)

Copy of your parents KRA Pin Certificate

Two Guarantors

Copy of guarantor's ID

Copy of guarantor's KRA pin

A letter from your area Chief (Optional)


Visit HELB application website and create an account.

Fill in the required information; Personal details, parents personal details, guarantors details.

Download and print the application form.

Have the specific areas signed by you, your parents and guarantors.

Present the form to a magistrate for stamping.

Bind all the above mentioned documents and put in a single envelope.

Present it at a nearby Huduma Center or a recognized courier service like G4S.

How much will it cost to apply?

Application on the HELB website is free, though you may pay for the application and printing at a cyber cafe.

Other payments include 150 shillings fee at the magistrates office. This amount may vary depending with whom you seek the service from.

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