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The New Accommodation Charges at The University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi (UoN) has raised the accomodation From paying ksh. 3,150 for a single room per semester to ksh. 21,525. Education is becoming very expensive for the poor to afford in this day. If ksh.21,525 is accommodation it means HELB funds will all be allocated to accomodation leaving Students with no funds for upkeep and tuition fee.

The New Accomodation Charges in UoN are as follows;

1) Single Room - Ksh. 21,525 from ksh.3150

2) Semi-partitioned(Shared by 2)- Sh19,635 from Sh2,835

3) Shared by 4 - ksh. 15,120 from ksh. 2,730.

These are charges for a semester and you pay for a whole year roughly ksh.37,380 for a shared by 4.

The saddest part is that the condition of these rooms are not even anything to mention. The washrooms are a disgrace to humanity. Water is usually a problem sometimes. Bedbugs and cooking in the hostels was banned long time ago. So you can imagine paying all that and still pay tuition fees.

If each UoN student is paying roughly Ksh. 37,380 per year for a shared by 4 room, it means that the 4 students are paying a Total of Ksh. 149,520 per year for accomodation and ksh. 60480, per semester. Interesting.

The University of Nairobi have doubled their fees for Gov't sponsored students. Accommodation fees also increased up to seven-times. HELB CEO has also revealed that the earliest they can disburse loans is October. Whatever you do in this country, try not to be poor.

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