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A relief to BOM teachers on school reopening

Uncertainty had engulfed the air on whether or not schools will be opened as scheduled. As soon as schools had just closed for the April holiday to allow national exams to take place, the MOH had raised concerns that the covid 19 cases were rising tremendously. This led to the president declaring closure of all schools and other learning institutions as a way of reducing the risk of spread.

Since this announcement from the president,there has been tension on the part of teachers employed by BOM. This lot of teachers was badly hit by the pandemic and until the government decided to shield them from the harsh effects. However there has still been complaints that even as that happened, some principals did not pay all their teachers and they has raised various reasons for not doing so.

Fear of a possible scenario was being witnessed because most schools are used to paying these teachers when schools open. Some do not at all pay anything during the holiday. These teachers longed to open schools so that they can continue warning to sustain themselves. Even as their counterparts in the TSC crowded the social media wishing the holidays would extent, this other lot was quite overjoyed with the ministry's move.

The announcement by president Uhuru Kenyatta that the school calendar will continue as earlier scheduled,comes as a big relief to the BOM teachers. It was the best news received, amongst everything else that the president briefed yesterday. Probably it 8s the time the government offered employment to these teachers or stop training more until all the jobless ones are absorbed.

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