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Why Teachers Should Accept Refresher Courses As Advocated By TSC

Since the inception of the new curriculum, CBC by the ministry of education to replace the previous module of 8-4-4 system, much debate has been witnessed regarding the CBC requirements ; one being the tutor( teacher) on refresher training which some take as a burdening model.

The refresher training of teachers was rolled out by the teachers' employer, TSC for teachers to get the continuous practising certificate in line with the current curriculum requirements for purposes of promotion and to replace the schemes of services.

Teachers should therefore embrace the new refresher training that will give them the basics of the new educational developments. Through such trainings, teachers will improve on work efficiency ,minimise mistakes, foster on cultural values and content learning, promote excellence among many more.

The new CBC adjustments will require that a tutor will undergo a five year ttaining with an estimated amount of Ksh 6000 in each ear for completion of every module which is recurrent. This has been welcome with greatest opposition.

Teachers should therefore accept or come to a joint table with the TSC in order to meet the basics of the competency based system. Should teachers embrace the refresher trainings?

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