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Why CBC Education System Is Likely To Solve Problems Of Unemployment Crisis In The Country (opinion)

Competence based curriculum is likely to solve unemployment crisis in the country because the system involve practicals thus making learners to acquire knowledge and skills in art and crafts thus making finished product from simple items and sell thus becoming self employed.

The system somehow talents oriented making the learners to easily identify their pontentials talents and nurture them thus becoming their own boss.Talents will add advantage to the learners thus widening their area of specialization and popularity.Besides the system also minimize the rate of drop out since learners major in areas of interest.

The system relates well with the environment making them learning to identify the available resources thus coming up with business ideas.They are also taught farm related techniques thus making them develop interest in farming thus boosting food production.

The system is not examination oriented thus minimizes stiff competition in the job markets since everyone will join it's area of specialization.

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