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Challenges Facing New Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) Implemantation In Kenya

KICD report that among challenges facing implementation of CBC was the issue of teaching and learning resources, some private schools schools have the resources unlike public schools which have a total lack of the same.

KICD has outlined the challenges facing CBC which are as follows;

1.Issue of teachers knowledge of CBC pedadogy,some teacher are struggling with the concept and lack the capacity demanded by the curriculum.

2.It focuses on immediate employer needs and is less focused on preparing learners with the flexibility needed for a more uncertain future.

3.Lack of finance due to the hurry in the development, piloting and the roll out processes, a lot of monetary resources are required.

4.It does not suit subject areas where it is difficult to prescribe specific competencies or where new skills and new knowledge need to be rapidly accommodated.

5.It is a customised program meant for specific individuals and is not the preferred learning style for majority of students.

6.A Competency Based Curriculum requires a different environment and resources that may not be available in some community and government schools.

7.Competency-based learning is a relatively new approach to learning design and it’s implementation should not be rushed.

8.Lack of enough trained teachers. The teachers who were trained to take on the new curriculum are very few while the pupils are so many in the country.

9.Inappropriate infrastructure. The new curriculum content requires modern classrooms, smart boards, laboratories, creative centres and technologies at all levels. The curriculum is already in place now up to grade three yet these infrastructure were never put in place.

10.Some mistakes in the proposed syllabus. The books printed in speed to take on the curriculum had a lot of printing and content errors due to lack of enough editing and approval.

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