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Medical Students And Candidates Favoured As Other Universities Suffer A Major Blow

Today being the 26th of March, it's a day when we were all eagerly waiting for the press briefing from the president. This is a briefing that most of us have emerged from with different reactions and feeling. It comes after the coronavirus preventive measures have been tightened than we had initially been used to. This comes after a couple of measures were put across by the president.

However, candidates who are preparing to start their exams as from Monday have emerged lucky from this. It's after the president put it that the the candidates will have to continue with their ongoing national exams.

Students at medical institutions have also emerged lucky after the president put it that they will continue with their learning. I think this was destined towards promoting creativity and innovation so that a remedy is provided to the prevailing pandemic. Meanwhile, the president also ordered a cessation of movement in counties considered as hotspots.

Traveling will be restricted where by anyone traveling into the nation will be required to acquire a certain declaring them negative. Political gatherings have been suspended for an indefinite period of time. Restaurants in the affected counties will have to offer take away foods.

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