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Ways Used By Students To Cheat In Exams

Students are always creative when it comes to exam cheating. They use all possible means to pass the exam. Check out some of the genius ways that students use to copy exams.

1. Use of rubber boxes

Rubbers are items that are allowed in exam rooms. No teacher will suspect that students have answers written on the box, so the students will be very comfortable using this trick.

2.Improvised calculators

By just looking at this simple electronic gadget you may think it is just the normal calculator. But taking a close look at it is not a calculator but a phone inside the cover of the calculator. Students use this to google answers.

3. Fake hand

This is for the genius. They use a fake arm to fool the invigilator that all the hands are on the table. The student then uses the other real hand to copy answers from a phone under the desk.

4. Using nails

This is mostly used by the ladies. They write formulas on the nails to use during exam time. 

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