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New Twist For Grade 1-9 Learners As Education PS Belio Kipsang Makes This Announcement

There is a new twist for grade 1-9 learners as new Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang' has made a major announcement. Kipsang' made the announcement when he came on behalf of President William Ruto for the official opening ceremony of the 18th Kenya Primary School Heads Association (KEPSHA in Mombasa.

According to him, as the Star reports, parents will have to take their primary schools kids to day schools. That simply means that pupils who are joining Junior Secondary School will have to attend schools within their home areas.

“We must create a way in which we can be with our children and the only way is through day schooling. The first nine years of learning that are Grades 1 to 9, the direction that the government is taking will be day schooling,” Kipsang' said.

This comes are the announcement that the JSS learners will remain in primary school has been received with mixed reactions. Some parents have said that they are now confused since they had already chosen school.

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