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Just in: Students of Top Boys High School in Nakuru County Walk Out of School

Over the last few months, schools have been seeing an increasing in the number of Dormitory fires that have shocked not only parents but the entire country as well.

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These fires have been started by unruly students as was witnessed at Othaya Boys High School yesterday where the students destroyed millions of shillings worth of property as they walked out of the school.

This evening on the 7PM news on KAMEME FM, a top boys high school in Nakuru County has gone home voluntarily.

It's reported by KAMEME FM that the students walked out of the school without causing any extensive damage to the school.

It's still unclear as to why the students took this step of walking out of school in one of the most intriguing of fashions.

The students, of Molo Boys Academy in Molo Town in Nakuru County walked out of school.

These incidents have been seen in many schools in the country which have shook parents as well as the institutions heads.

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