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Major Things That Prevent Students From Graduating In Universities And Colleges

The figure of new higher Institution of learning, universities and colleges in Kenya is surge annual and is directly proportional to the number of students getting enrolled into the universities and colleges. Not all students whom attend universities or get admitted to the universities, colleges or technical institutes graduate at the end of their course. This has been characterized to a number of reasons which affected university and college Learners.

Are are major things which usually hinder university students from graduation at the end of their course.

The first and well known is drugs abuse. As we all understand that drugs affect the way our body function and therefore Students who abuse drugs may not always be in their normal cell and at times maybe away from class and not attend all the lessons. They may also fail to sit for their examinations reason being they may be intoxicated at the time of the exams period therefore they end up missing exams and fail to graduate.

Campus relationships is another factor that has been recently at its maximum ,which prevent students from graduating. It usually affect students in a may ways. One can always get murder in the name of love it may as well affect your class performance hence you fail to make it through the exams. Obviously it lead to one contracting incurable disease like HIV which may lower the dignity the person making him or her to drop out of school. Over the past time Many campus Students have lost their souls as a result of love affairs, this issue should be looked into accordingly before things get worst

The last but not the least, most students fail to graduate from campus as a result of lack of interest or change of attitude towards the course they are taking. Several courses have been approved into the Kenyan campuses today and some may have selected the wrong course to pursue. This will surely affect the performance of the students and their number of class attendance record . This may also make them get suspended for a several academic days and as a result, they at last fail to graduateraduate in the long run.

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