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Communication Skills and HIV/AIDs Among Units Dropped By University of Nairobi

Kenya's oldest University, the University of Nairobi alias UON has made a bold move to drop some of the oldest Common Units in higher learning institutions. Communication Skills, a common Unite taught to first years in the University has long been viewed as a unit that helps students acquire and develop learning skills and effective use of university's information and learning resources. The University of Nairobi has however deemed the unit unnecessary, meaning newly admitted students will not be able to pursue the unit.

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Communication Skills is not only taught to first years in the University of Nairobi but also in many other Universities and higher learning institutions across the Country. For instance in Kenyatta University, Communication Skills has the code UCU 103 and is among the first batch of units covered by first years. It is not clear whether these other higher learning institutions and universities will follow suit to also drop the unit.

Photo: Kenyatta among Universities that teaches Communication Skills to First years.

Besides communication Skills, UON has also dropped another popular unit in the name of HIV/AIDs. The HIV/ AIDS classes were meant to create awareness on the deadly virus which spread like wildfire in higher learning institutions. The University of Nairobi has now decided to drop the unit with some popular lecturers branding it a waste of time. According to the University's Cooperate Affairs Director John Orindi, there are more important topics and units to cover in the institution than the two and other units reportedly dropped by the university.

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Other units dropped by the university include; Elements of Philosophy, Fundamentals of Development and their Applications and Law of Society. While these units have helped students gain knowledge and skills on handling social issues, the institution has seen no need to continue incorporating them in their system from next academic year.


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