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Four of the World's Most Unusual Schools

When school is mentioned we think of mathematics, calculus the likes. But the world has developed to the point the schools we have today have evolved to teach something else, here’s a list of some odd schools in the world

Witch school

Witch school is in Salem and was founded by rev Hubbard, the school has had more than one hundred thousand enrolments. The school majors in witchcraft and sorcery. The school has released do many successful wizards and witches into the society.

Prostitution school

Prostitution is legal in Spain; this has seen the development of one major school where over 30,000 students have been taught the art of prostitution. The school’s curriculum revolves around Kama sutras toys and how to deal with clients. The school also has practical class where they’re taught in the market. Spain has over 400,000 prostitutes both male and female.

Husband hunting school in Japan

I thought getting a husband was only difficult in Kenya until I saw this. What our mothers teach for free is taught in school in japan. Ladies take the course and are given attachment. An internship for getting husband? What if the student gets attached, I asked myself, ponder over that for a while?

Elf school

This school in Iceland teaches about elf culture. Iceland has a lot of folklore on elves and invisible people. The school’s major enrolment are foreigners and has over 30,000 students.

Do you think these schools are appropriate? Leave a comment below I will appreciate knowing your views.

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