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What Teachers Need To Do So As To Curb The Burning Of Schools

In the recent past since the educational calendar was tightened so as to compensate for the lost time in 2020 when schools were closed, a measure that was put in place by the government to control and stop the spread of Coronavirus. Thus this year the ministry of education reformed the educational calendar, putting the teachers and students on toes throughout this year, as a result, schools have witnessed scenarios where students burn the schools. Here are some of the things teachers can do to help stop the burning of schools.

Teachers have the ability to identify students who are likely to set the schools on fire and put such students through proper guidance and counseling, teachers can identify such students by selecting trusted students who may act as spies. Teachers can also play a role in creating time for co-curricular activities among the students, the co-curricular activities may include inter-school games and active clubs and societies, this will help in reducing the boredom and strain caused by the curricular activities in schools.

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