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Best Marketable and Paying Engineering Courses in Kenya 2020.


Have you ever been to a big city and wondered the marvelous work of those people who design buildings and structures? Engineers are the people behind this sight catching structures. Engineering is a very expansive word and it covers a wide range of industries and applications. It brings together subjects such as mathematics, sciences as well as technology. They solve problems in the real world. 

It is no doubt that engineering in Kenya is highly marketable, but it rewards different amounts of money depending on the type and institutions one works for.

If you are working for the government or big organizations that make millions of profits, then you are assured of as good pay. There are over 12 engineering courses in Kenya, each with different rates of intake to the market and salaries once employed. They include:

Aeronautical Engineering.

Aerospace Engineering.

Computer Engineering. 

Structural/civil Engineering.

Software Engineering.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering.

Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.

Mechatronic Engineering.

Medical Engineering.

Petroleum Engineering. 

Oil and Gas Engineering. 

Chemical Engineering. 

Industrial Engineering. 

These are just a few examples commonly known. There are other types of engineers. However, not all this Courses are marketable. There are others which are marketable and in demand, while there are other courses already saturated in the market. There are those engineers who fill their pockets with bundles of money at the end of the month while others go home with just enough and others almost nothing. Just because a course is marketable in Kenya does not mean that it is pays a good amount of money.

Let us now look at the most marketable and top paying Engineering courses in Kenya:

1.Aerounatical Engineering.

As per the latest survey, these are the highest paid engineers in Kenya Currently. The course is offered in less than 4 universities in Kenya thus there are few graduates. This results to higher demand of such graduates in the job sector. 

The least paid aeronautical Engineer is paid 150K , averagely paid engineer is paid 300k while the highest paid is normally over 1M.The highest paid companies in Kenya are Kenya Airways and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, they pay a minimum of 230K and 200K respectively as their minimum salary.

2.Civil Engineering.

You all probably have heard of civil Engineering. In fact, this is the most competitive of all Engineering courses in universities currently as per KUCCPS report.

Relatively, the course is highly marketable in Kenya. Real Estate sector is expanding every second and thus a high demand for these Engineers. You can work for the government or start your own construction company. This means you have the advantage of earning extra money by employing yourself and double your income.

 An early Engineer in this field with up to 4 years’ experience earns 100K per month. They earn more with increase in experience. Engineering.

Well, this course is very marketable in Kenya and beyond 100% employment intake. Moreover, this is one of the top paying jobs in Kenya. One earns a minimum of 70K up to 400K depending on where you are working for. Companies such as Safaricom and Faiba pay a lot of money. 

If you really have the passion for computer stuff and technology, then I highly recommend going for this course. If you are creative combined with the relevant skills earned from this career, you can create your own software or application and earn millions of money. If you are very perfect and creative, then you can be a millionaire from just creating an app that is loved and used by thousands of people. 

A story is heard of a university student from a Kenyan University who came up with the now popular Safaricom M-pesa service. This service earns a million of profit each day and at the end of the year they register billions of profits. Just all the work of creativity and relevant skills. You can even create games and see yourself turn a millionaire overnight.

4.Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

A degree or a diploma in this career is very marketable. The fact that there are many organizations and companies in Kenya that employ these graduates makes the employment intake excellent. The biggest companies are Kenya Power and Geothermal.

In the recent years, the demand for these courses has been noticed to rise significantly. One good advantage about this career is that even a diploma in this field is still highly marketable. Like the rest, it also earns a good pay. Averagely a person earns 140K per month. Note that the pay depends on institutions you are working for as the have different scopes of workload. Kenya Power pays a good amount of money.

Telecommunication Engineering is an Engineering discipline centered on Electric and Computer Engineering. In some Universities in Kenya it is offered as a separate course. This also is very marketable and pays a lot of money up to 700K.

5.Mechanical Engineering.

Rest assured; this is a very popular course in Kenya mostly among learners. What you may not know is that course is very marketable in Kenya and pays lucratively. 

Companies that employ such graduates include: Bamburi Cement, Kenya Pipeline and even Kenya Power. This are just a few examples. 

There are more than 50 well established companies in Kenya that employ these graduates. The average salary Is 70K. And as said earlier, varies on institution and experience gained. These engineers can also work for organization that makes cars such as Toyota. 

These does not mean the rest of the Engineering courses are not marketable at all and does not pay. The above are the ones that are widely known. With the rest of the courses not mentioned detailed above, you can still land on a good organization and earn more than the above-mentioned engineers. Ideally there is no marketable course in Kenya, they just have different rates of Demand. Let us know about your say in the comment section below.

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