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Why Most Students Are Likely To Extend Half Term Holiday Break (opinion)

All schools across the country are expected to resume learning tommorow as half term has come to an end.Parents as well as students are now on rush in order to caught up with time as lessons are likely to resume immediately.

Some students are likely to extend half term break due to fear as those who are not yet through with the holiday assignments are mostly likely to get punishments from respective subjects teachers.

Order from parents that might results from finance crisis or emergency thus forcing them to wait for their parents to get money for shopping, upkeeps and clear first term fees as well sickness.

Laziness and ignorance for instance some learners have not washed or mend their school uniforms thus forcing them to eat into reporting dates inorder to set up everything in place.

Waking up late since many claims to be compensate the times they normally wake for dawns thus failing to set their alarms leading to to oversleeping.

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