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7 Most Dangerous Products Found in Schools

Most things at school that seem ordinary can really cause harm to kids. As parents you must know some of these things so that you may teach or even caution your kid. Here are some of these things.

Playground equipment

Some example of playground equipment include still rings, merry go round, swings and slides. According to research, this equipment causes an average of 60,008 injuries each year. Also girls sustain more injuries than boys.


Carpets can be found in various parts of the school like in the classroom and also in the offices. To lower the risk of falling, sliding or slipping, children should be very careful when walking on carpets. An average of 26,758 injuries is carpets related each year.


Every adult understands that stairs can be very dangerous especially when one slips. This can not only happen in school but also in other places where there is stairs. Stairs cause a lot of serious injuries to children, always remind them to take it slow on stairs and be cautious


Some doors in some of the schools are life safety doors or fire related doors. This means that they are usually very heavy for kids. Always protect your kids fingers at the door; you can open the door for them

Pencils and Pens

They usually have sharp ends. They are very useful at school; actually they are one of the most popular things children would never lack in their bag. The fact that they have a sharp end classifies they as one of the most dangerous objects at school


In many cases, most dangerous chemicals can be found in high school in the labs and other places. But there can also be chemicals in lower school, for example paint, cleaning products and fertilizers. All this can be very dangerous to kids


Most schools have a fence that protects the kids and also school properties. These fences can cause injuries to children especially when they try to cross or jump them, especially boys.

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