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Secondary Education


Justice Patrick Kiage, In His 20s, As a Teacher

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Justice Patrick Kiage was a part-time secondary school teacher. Hailing from a humble family, without a significant name or social status, Mr Kiage was a village commoner, though with unique personality, and Christian identity.

As a teacher, Mr Kiage (as he was called, then), was always smartly dressed, in a white shirt, a tie and often a black or navy blue suit, with highly polished official black shoes. He walked upright, looking straight ahead, the height of his eye.He had a sharp and intelligent look, often with a smile to those he met.

Mr Kiage, then, was a law student at the University of Nairobi, who would always teach at St Christopher's Mixed Secondary School in Aruba, Kitale, during his University long holidays.

A staunch SDA member, Mr Kiage would never work on Saturdays! No matter the situation, Mr Kiage had to be in church, celebrating the Sabbath! The scholar lived in Maili Saba, in Kitale, and would commute to Kwa Aruba, near Kesogon.

He taught English, Geography and Mathematics (1989/90).His English was as polished as could ever be. It is very unlikely that he ever made any grammatical mistake!

Both, teachers and students were often mesmerized by the strong character in Mr Kiage, who held himself with high dignity befitting the profession he was pursuing.

Hon Justice Patrick Kiage, shared a staff room, simple school meals with the students and other staff, and at a an opportunity, he testified of God's word to anyone ready to listen.

Justice Kiage; shine in the dark tunnel of justice. Seek for Kenyans, the grains of justice that have laid buried for far too long.You were born, and destined to shine. May Book of Judges, Deuteronomy, and the Bible as whole give you the reason to be Judge. All those who met you, certainly have a story to tell.

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