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Benefits Of Learning Second Language At Young Age

Language refers to a system of communication used by a particular country or community. There are various types of National languages that are used in different countries such as English, French and German. Also some of these National languages are shared by different countries, For example; The English National language is used by countries such as United Kingdom, Nigeria, Philippines and India. The languages in these countries are used to bring people together hence promoting peace and harmony. Benefits of learning a second language at a young age include;

Communication; Languages are used by human beings to connect to each other by communicating and understanding one another. Bilinguals are the luckiest since they will be able to communicate with a wide range of people in the world. Knowing the language makes you a local not minding where you are.

Improves The Memory; People who know more than one language especially at a young age are problem –solving, there concentration is very high, able to multitask their doings and also have good listening skills.

Boost Your Confidence; learning a new language at a young age will boost your confidence much well. You will communicate with wide range of people and also it will also be an added advantage when applying for jobs.

Travelling; Learning a new a language can really make it easy for you to travel around the world. It will be very easy for you to navigate outside and interact with the place and the people in a way that is inaccessible to Monolingual people.

Strengthen Decision Making; learning a new language at a young age really strengthens your decision making from a young age growing as a confident person and also a much reliable person.

Connected To Other Cultures; Learning a new language will make one as a person be connected to different cultures of different countries. You will be much familiar with the cultures hence improving healthy relationships and promoting peace.

Advance Career; It will be easier to advance your career when you learn a new language at a young age. It will always be advantage when applying for jobs that are offered in different countries.

Be The Source; one will be the source if he or she is bilingual. This is because they will be used in translation of languages in cases such as National Events .They are able to access information that would be off - limits to them.


Being a Bilingual at a young age has so many added advantages in life. The Foreign languages are offered in advanced public universities such as Nairobi University, Kenyatta University and some of the private universities such as Mount Kenya University in our country. Some of the languages are French and German. Learning the languages is an extra task and not many people are comfortable with that hence reducing the number of bilingual in the country and also in the world.

Content created and supplied by: MungamiJunior (via Opera News )

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