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Teachers Pressure Group Has Urged TSC to Listen to Teachers

The pressure group teachers that Tsc decided to transfer to arid areas for speaking out their mind and being against the oppressive policies that the Commission had, are very strong and moving.The pressure group teachers had their appeals and the appeals are with Tsc awaiting the outcome.

On reporting to their various destinations,the transferred teachers asked for compassionate leave which is well within the CORT, after each proceeding on leave,Tsc declined and started putting pressure on Head of institutions,CSOs,SCDE,CDE by making endless calls.

I believe Tsc are feeling the pressure of the Teachers Pressure Group. It's a high time the Commission listened to the Kenyan teacher.

Kenyan teachers are not begging because they will not die on their knees. Simple,Tsc should do what is right,teachers are not boarding this tpd thing, teachers are requesting for a better health insurance cover .

Last but not least, Tsc should just know that teachers are saying IF THE UNIONS CAN'T SPEAK FOR THEM, PRESSURE GROUP WILL SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Transfer does not hurt, what hurts is the manner in which it was done. TSC,you must learn to listen to teachers and until the Kenyan teacher is respected,you are not going to have peace. 

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