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Monday: Teachers Mass Exits From TSC to Bite, Reports Emerge of Upto 10000 Teachers Quitting

The Government is changing the curriculum from the 8.4.4 system to the new system.The new system has been praised as it is viewed that it will help the students acquire skills rather than the rote knowledge that the current curriculum is accused of.Besides that,the outgoing curriculum has been putting a lot of emphasis on exams such that one who fails to pass the national examinations is just viewed as a failure in the society.

The teachers' shortages have been biting every time.TSC has been employing new teachers but this has not been able to curb the shortages in schools.The Government has always allocated insufficient funds for employment of teachers.In most cases,TSC only employs 5000 teachers yearly but this isn't enough.

A new report has emerged about a looming biting shortage of teachers.Nation newspaper has reported that between 8000 to 10000 are exiting the profession yearly yet TSC is employing only 5000 instead of 12,000.With the double transition looming,what next for the Commission?

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