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Roles of CBC teachers are lighter compared to ordinary teachers-Opinion

Source: KICD

Roles of a teacher depends on the nature of the curriculum being used at school. As soon as the CBC curriculum is implemented teachers will have lighter duties unlike before.

CBC curriculum is a learner centred curriculum where the role of a teacher is just to guide students in doing projects and assignment unlike 8-4-4 curriculum which was teacher centred hence teachers were required to deliver all information to the learners whose role was only listening and writing notes.

In CBC teachers will only be required to make a conducive learning environment for their students and give them necessary materials for doing projects hence improving creativity and innovation among students while in 8-4-4 system teachers role was to give assignments and mark them hence encouraging rot learning.

Despite the fact that majority of teachers are against the new curriculum TSC has maintained that the new reforms are meant to improve the quality of education and not to discourage then from teaching.

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