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Revealed: How Parents Lose Thousands of Shillings to Criminals Through The Schools' Visitors Books

The schools have been opened at a time when the parents are crying foul of school fees.A few days ago,reports emerged of parents resorting to shylocks to borrow money for school fees.The Government has however kept on instructing the teachers to avoid sending the students home for school fees since it has released over ksh 17 billion as capitation fees.

The Standard Newspaper has revealed how the parents get conned through the visitors books in schools.In most cases,the schools have these books at the gate.Whenever parents go to schools,they do write their phone numbers in the visitors book by the gate.The conmen have tried to pretend to be part of the parents or guardians in order to access some parents' contacts from this book.

At times,parents do get sms or calls about a child lacking something or being sent home for school fees.As usual,the parents react quickly by sending money to the conmen who claim to be part the the school employees.This is quite rampant when schools are getting closed since the students are desperate for fare.The schools should device ways of making these contacts private or provide clear channels of communication whenever children lack something.

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