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Opinion: What you need to know about CBC

Introduction of C.B.C into the kenya education system was a major step in the change over of the education sector. The kenyan Government made a decision after carefully studying the former education system and identifying its strengths and weaknesses. This was meet through research and trials of this system where it was conducted in various schools. Having seen its successfulness in these schools. They decided to introduce it into the school curriculum.

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However, this education system was received differently by different parents or guardians. Every parent had their own reason on the take they made concerning this system. Firstly i will talk about it's disadvantages it has to both the government and the parents. C.B.C is imposing a lot of expenses to the Kenyan parent. The demands that trainers in this field are making are putting a lot of pressure to parents. Take an example of a parents in poor financial situation. Such parent will not be able to provide the requirements of C.B.C to their kids.

C.B.C is causing a lot of imbalancement into the system. You find that the low level parents who cannot afford to give their children what they are asked for make their children feel unappreciated. On the government side, a lot have been invested in this system and it's continued expenditure into the system is causing alarms.

What are you thoughts about the C.B.C learning system. Don't hesitate to comment below and share your views. Thank you all for your time.

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