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Why Maghoha does not want media to visit any school

Maghoha is the C's of education and he is always serious and he always marks his word. Maghoha don't want media to visit schools because media can cause panic because Corona is always around and children must not panic and always children wears there masks and sanitize. On his speech he told parents that they should not appear in school to avoid large numbers of people in school. No man should appear in school except teachers, media should not even appear in schools and record anything in school. They might even get close contact with the virus and even get it to children. Most parents like maghoha because he is responsible for everything he does.

Schools now are facing lack of desks and classrooms and Maghoha is insisting that social distancing is on school and everyone breaking rules should be punished. No headteacher or principal should send a child away from school as parents now don't have money to pay for school fees. Please if you are interested in this article like share comment and follow.

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Corona Maghoha


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