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Odinga's Daughter to Defy Law and Teach History Online Which May Differ From the Curriculum

Raila Odinga's daughter Winnie Odinga: file photo

Winnie Odinga , Raila Odinga's daughter has sworn to defy the government stun directive about teaching. In her Twitter handle she said the same will be taking students through English and History lessons online.

"With that being said I will starts online teaching soon. English and History were my subjects. But be fairly warned, my History classes May differ from the curriculum. You may fail in exams but you will win in knowledge of the truth", Winnie's wrote in her Twitter handle.

What has remained proverbial to many is how the History lessons will not help the students to pass exams but help in winning knowledge. Do the student need to score or are they interested in winning truthful knowledge? After all will truth be tested or is it the curriculum?

The ministry of Education through Principal secretary Belio Kipsang has given warning if anyone who will try to offer lessons without being registered. They said will term theis as illegal and one will face the law for breaking the ethics.

"Anybody who is offering to teach students without being qualified is undertaking an illegality and so is anyone circulating e_learning information that is not approved by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), said Belio Kipsang.

Winnie said that the "covid club" have refused online classes . "What do this dinosaurs want us to do online? Just watch churches being streamed online as they sing hymns . No way. The future will be digitized", said Odinga's daughter.

Ministry of education was clear that the learning materials must be delivered to students when they have been approved by the KICD whether for online learning or physical learning and every teacher must be qualified.

Babu Owino took students through online classes in Chemistry

Learning has taken new route after the out break of Coronavirus disease. Students having missed classes for almost a month and the exams still to be sat for as soon as the school resumes normally.

Online classes have been encouraged by the ministry of education. This will help the students to catch up with the curriculum.

Babu Owino on Saturdays trended for teaching Mathematics subject on Facebook online. He has today also taken a new lesson in Chemistry lesson.

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