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Good News For Teachers Over Career Progression As Per the Latest Report From TSC.

Career progression is the process of climbing the ladder during your working life. Moving forward, being promoted, finding new challenges, new employers, new opportunities and getting the most out of your career. Teachers have always been at the core of education and their career development has always been the primary issue of education system. It is important to note that in order to make differences in students’ achievement, teachers should constantly develop their field knowledge and teaching skills. For that reason, career development is an important part of teaching profession. This paper defines what is meant by career development in teaching profession and explains the benefits of it to both teachers and students.

The internships are essential as it exposes students to a variety of career areas, supporting them in the acquisition of relevant skills. Teachers Service Commission is one of the places where internships are available (TSC).Teachers Service Commission internship news is always focused on the TSC internship. Students should follow these simple procedures to apply for internship as soon as they receive the news.

 a) TSC’s official webpage can be found here. www.tsc

b) Log in to the top of the webpage to the careers menu. 

c) Then to the secretariat for instructors.

d) Then select the option to apply for a teaching internship position. This will take you to the TSC application, where you can submit your application.

e) Once requested, upload the required documentation.

f) To finish the process, click “submit.”

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