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"This Man Doesn't Know English"-Cs Magoha Blast a Journalist Over Alleged Exam Irregularities Report

Education Cabinet secretary Magoha has today blasted a journalist, this after the journalist asked why there have been so many cases of examinations cheating in the ongoing KCSE examinations as compared to the previous years.

In response to that, the Cs blasted the journalist saying he does not know English implying that this is one of the best years as compared to the previous ones.

"About the ongoing examination, this year seems to be quite notorious compared to the other years that you've been in the ministry, what could be the problem?" The journalist asked.

"What do you mean notorious, this man doesn't know English, there is nothing that has happened. Point number one, I am the one, the same one who has opened the examination here, did you see any breach of integrity? The Cs responded.

In a video shared by Nation, Magoha though maintains there is no exam leakage insisting that people should go back to their data and compare this year to the others as it is one of the best years

Below is the link to the video just in case you missed it

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