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How CBC has Put Kenya's Parents On Toes and Why They Should Embrace it.

Parents have been rueing over the Competency Based Curriculum's costs and modes of implementation over the past few months. The big question is as to whether this curriculum will be a success or will fail in the process. As a staunch supporter of this new system, my only prayer is it persists, but that aside. Let's now have look at how the new system has impacted parents and why they should embrace it.

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One thing I like about CBC is that it not only leave all educational roles to learners and teachers but also brings parents on board. The main goal of the Competency Based Curriculum is to explore learners potential and help them nurture them. This can only be achieved if all educational stakeholders (teachers, parents, learners, boards and the government) join hands towards this common goal. Initially, in the 8:4:4 system, most parent had no time for their children's school work. They could instead wait for examination results then blame teachers for not teaching well, while they forgot their roles in the process.

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Competency Based Curriculum has ensured parents contribute effectively and actively to their children's education. They not only do this by purchasing books and paying fees as they used to, the CBC has introduced activities that incorporate parental guidance and active roles. So, why is this important?

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While parents would complain of limited time for taking roles in CBC assignment, they should also understand that it helps them unearth their children's points of interest and focus of working on them. Through CBC, parents would be able to recognise their children's passion early enough and not force them pursue what they have no interest in. Gone are the days when parents coerced their children to take course they thought were profitable. Gone are the days when parents punished their children for drawing more than they read.

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The CBC will therefore help parents focus on helping their children realise their full potential, other than judging them through examination scores. If parents really need the best out of their children, they should be ready to invest in getting the best and actively take roles in exploring and nurturing the best out of children. What do you think?

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