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TSC Extends Retirement Periods For School Heads Who Were To Retire In 2021.

The Texas State Board of Education has delayed the retirement deadline for school principals who are slated to retire in 2021.

According to TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia, due to the country's COVID-19 repercussions, 1594 heads of schools who were set to retire in 2021 have been postponed by two years.

According to Dr. Macharia, since 2019, the Kenyan government has been investing money to engage teacher interns. To date, the Commission has employed over 28,000 interns.

She also expressed confidence in teachers who are eager to welcome students into junior high.

"To deal with these students, our teachers have the required equipment and training." During the official announcement last week, KNEC CEO Dr. David Njenge'ere stated that all candidates were qualified for the position.

"To deal with these students, our teachers have the required equipment and training." All applicants who qualified for grade 6, class 8, and form 4 exams in November and December of this year should register between April 27th and March 14th, 2022, according to KNEC CEO Dr. David Njenge'ere.

President Uhuru's government will also continue to pay test fees for both public and private school students, he said. Since 2016, this activity has been ongoing.

The KCPE and KCSE exams were administered outside of the typical October-November national testing season, which was temporarily disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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