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College Education


Life In University Is Hard Than The Outside School Life (opinion)

It was my pleasure to score a direct entry grade to university to pursue a course of my on choice, which will lead me to a graduating as a Math Business teacher,but it's only a month and I feel like dropping out of this hardship.

At home I used to take three meals in a day but here is totally opposite,I only feed my internal warms once,this has made me to pay a little or even no attention while in a lecture hall which take atleast two and half hours.

I prefer to hustle,as here to have even a hundred shillings In a week is impossible than two thousand in out world.

I miss almost all essential needs up to the level of toothpaste and each time I make a call at home,it carries the same response,"there is no money."

For me I feel it's better to be a jua Kali than to undergo this suffering.

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