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Have You Ever Wondered Why Graduates Dress in Plain Robes and Morta Board Caps?

Most of the people will go to school, study hard, get their best grades and occasionally graduate from one level to the next. During the graduation day they will dress in plain robes and a mortar board cap.(the usual graduation garments) However, the funny thing is a good number of them will not explain the symbolism of the plain robe and the mortar board cap. They just dress because that is viewed as a culture and so they assume it's just a mark of graduation.

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Coutesy of photo

There is a very strong definition in those garments. I'm going to narrate a short history behind the adaptation of the graduation garments and you will learn that they present people who are holding the future for themselves and for the world .

Some years back in ancient Greece, formal education was embraced and provided only to the rich. One day a group of rich men and women approached a wise old teacher and told him "now that our sons have completed their courses, it's time for them to come home. Tomorrow we will have a great banquet in their honor. We expect them to be nicely dressed". The old teacher seemed impressed and told them they will be there and he had an" appropriately dressed"

The following day, the banquet Hall filled with rich parents and their friends. They were dressed just as their class required of them. Fine clothes, dazzling jewels was their status. It was now time for the students and their teacher to come in. On stepping to the main door, cries of dismay and anger arose from the crowd. Why do you think they reacted this way? The students were not dressed in fine clothes as expected but in plane robes and each one of them carried a mortar board. The mortar board represents the mark of the common Workman.

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The crowd was totally confused and they obviously needed for explanation from the teacher. The old teacher walked on the front stage and raised his hands for silence. He said, "your sons are dressed in the clothing of the mason for their destiny is to build. Some Will build cities, Some will build lives and perhaps one of them may build an empire. But all of them will be builders on the solid foundation of knowledge".

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Since then, the motor body cap and plain robes have become a traditional part of education and graduation symbolising the fact that learners are builders of their own future and the future of the world.

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