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Challenges Of Implementing The Competency-Based Curriculum In Kenya

In 2017, Kenya for the second time in history introduced a new system of education. Competency- Based curriculum was introduced to replace the traditional 8-4-4 system.This system was designed by the Kenya Institute Of curriculum Development with the aim of churning out engaged, empowered and ethical citizens.

It is designed to emphasize the significance of developing skills and knowledge and also applying those competencies to real life situations.

According to KICD, the traditional curriculum is teacher oriented while the CBC is leaner centred.

Main challenges Of CBC Implementation

Critics of CBC argues that it focuses on immediate employer needs and is less focused on preparing learners with flexibility needed for a more uncertain future.

This curriculum does not suit subject areas where it is difficult to prescribe new skills and knowledge.

This system also takes an approach to learning and does not fit the preferred learning styles of many students.

In this system learning is mostly personal.Leaners are expected to be active inorder for the instruction procedure to be a success.This situation makes teachers unable to make sense of the duality of the roles they need to play to develop their learners.

The most common challenges preventing this new curriculum from being implemented smoothly include;

Insufficient funds to put in place the necessary infrastructure.

Lack of teachers to cater for the learners needs especially in the new learning.

Lack of clear guidelines on how to evaluate the learners.

This is a system that requires the collaboration of all education stakeholders.

Teachers are the implementors of a Curriculum.Their needs should be Satisfied for them to implement it wholeheartedly.

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