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If You Just Finished Highschool, Here Is A Message For You.

I can imagine just how eagerly you waited for this moment.

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Do you still remember what you wanted to be, that is before you sat your final exams?

Do you still want it or have you changed your mind?

Well what you are about to find out if you haven't already is that this is a world of many possibilities and anything can happen.

First of all, when you finally get your results, hopefully you will then have a clear vision of where you want to go in terms of career.

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You are either going to exceed your target, meet it or simply fall below it, some will be happy and others may well be disappointed, but I sincerely hope you all meet your targets.

In addition, contrary to popular opinions, I think and hope to convince you that your real life is just about to begin. A life so different from what you have known or imagined existed while you were busy scrambling for good grades. Times have changed so rapidly and gone are the days when success might have solely depended on going to the university and getting scholarships abroad.

This doesn't mean I am against joining university, not at all, what am trying to get across is don't let anyone make you feel like a loser if you don't get to go there. Don't let them make you feel disappointed.

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If you make it to the university, I just hope you get to do a course of your choice and in a field you are passionate about. Why am I saying this? It may surprise you that most people are are doing a course because they were told to or because it's what their grades could allow, just go see for yourself. I just hope and pray that you will not be among them.

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For the longest time, I need you to realize that you have been a warrior in the academic arena for better grades. In the process you have ended up learning only how to succeed. Now you need to understand something so fundamental, in the real world where no grades are awarded, you have to learn the opposite, here much of success comes through failure. In fact unlike in school, out here failure is an important catalyst for success.

Furthermore, while repeating the class to meet your target may be an option, I hope you receive your results with a positive attitude and energy. Remember, you still have your whole life ahead of you. Always believe in and hope for a better tomorrow, and in every decision you make try to think a little ahead. Given options, promise yourself to always go for what you are passionate about.

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Finally may I have you know that in this internet era, there is so much information online that soon, Universities may only be for those aspiring to do technical and complicated courses like Medicine, Engineering and Nuclear plant operation. Already there are courses that can be fully done online such as Computer science, Information technology, Graphics design and such like. I just hope you remember that before giving up.

What are your thoughts? I would really love to hear from you. Share this with brothers, sisters and friends. This is a message of hope, thanks and kindly follow me for more.

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