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The love of reading at an early age is essential for lifelong learning

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The ability to read leads to an increase in self-confidence and imagination that helps children gain a wealth of knowledge. Reading is a critical foundation for developing logical thinking and problem solving skills. But for children to engage in leisure reading, you must allow them to choose what they want to read in order to develop a positive attitude towards reading. Jointly creating a reading routine and providing a conducive space for children to read, makes the experience more enjoyable.

When children find reading enjoyable and fun they are more likely to spend more time reading and gain the benefits of leisure reading.

Instilling the love for reading for children at an early age, is essential for lifelong learning. NABU, an award-winning literacy organisation, has developed a library of hundreds of children's books that aim to spur creativity and lay the foundation for a love of reading for Kenyan children. Children who have access to easy and engaging content do more reading and NABU’s goal is to provide them with a fullystocked digital library that features different levels and genres of books.picture courtesy. Some of the books found in NABU mobile app

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