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Message to the graduating class of 2021

Message to the graduating class of 2021

Unless you are pursuing a course in bachelor of medicine, or else after getting out of university please hustle like a nursery dropout. There are a lot of reasons I say so, and we as a society need to start being. Some of the reasons making me say so include

Salaries are peanuts

An example is being a teacher who is hired by the board of management you will never be paid more than 15k. On the other side, a person who is a form four dropout peddling fruits is making not less than 1000 shillings per day. In 30 days, the peddler will have made double salaries than a graduate who is working

Let’s avoid depending on the government for jobs and salaries there is good money out here that does not need any school knowledge that has made thousands of individuals rich.

Let’s be smart and always think of innovation and venture into fields that we can earn a lot, the economy is tough and it needs tough minds.

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