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TSC to make Some Changes on TPAD as Activation for TPAD Term 2 Delays

The recent reports on the TPAD revealed that some of the filling for some of the teachers are not incomplete, and it means the TSC's aim for the same could not be realised as expected. Furthermore, the reports highlighted some TPAD documents for some teachers are full of sketchy remarks like good, well done, marvelous, better etc, when the remarks should be much elaborative, giving the exact action of the set targets in conjunction with the given ratings.

While launching the upgraded features on TPAD, the TSC, through its Head of Cooperate Communications, Ms Betty Wababu, clarified that the data on TPAD must reflect the real undertakings that teachers should be doing. Moreso, Ms Wababu reported that the commission is committed to realising its objectives, and has tried to add some aspects where teachers are to choose from the remarks already given on the online TPAD document, and it means teachers will not be allowed to fill anything outside the already stated remarks. TSC is out to implement the TPAD fully, as it is the only tool that could be used to give a clear picture of whether the commission is on the achieving end or not as far as implementation of TPAD is concerned.

She further reported that the said updates on the TPAD, which should be done during the time of data filling, will be in effect starting from the current Term 2 onwards, and has been deliberately done to comply with the various clauses in the earlier signed 2017-2021 CBA between the Teachers Unions, KUPPET and KNUT, and the TSC.

Reports further claimed that TSC will not tolerate with those teachers who could be derailing the progress of the new digital system. The commission's CEO Dr Nancy Macharia has been outstanding to make sure the system is stable and mostly paper-free, something that could only be achieved if teachers cooperate with the employer, together with her dedicated staff, to achieve their set targets so that the system runs without benefits of doubt.

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