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JUST IN:School Heads Smile After Following Announcement from CS Magoha and Matiang'i.

The Kenyan education curriculum of late has been occasioned with unending student unrest and unpredictable uncertainties. At the dawn of Corona virus, education system was hampered causing many uncertainties and problems within the education system. This saw students staying home and many dropping out of school.

Young adolescent girls got pregnant, many getting into substance abuse and peer pressure. It was a hard scenario to adopt and manage. When schools resumed the education system has had a number of turbulences.

The education system was thereafter squeezed to cater for the lost time. Holiday breaks were shortened and this saw problems stemming up.

Burning of schools across the country has been escalating. This has seen many students being arrested. School valuables of high value has been lost. Many schools across the country from local to national school have suffered loss because of the fires.

Eighteen students have been charged of arson and are going to serve life imprisonment. Maranda high school on the Sunday night burned down their scho dormitory. Maranda highschool is a reputable national highschool. This happened after the students had refused to sit the mock exams and thus this made the school send them home.

Yesterday, cabinet Secretary Dr George Magoha said, such behaviour is nolonger going to be accepted. He said, students have become immoral and indiscipline due to the lack of discipline in schools. He insisted that, punishment was going to be introduced back in schools and eradicate the issue of boarding schools and instead introduce approved schools and day schools.

Similarly, Fred Matiang'i reiterated that he is not going to spare the rod from the unruly students. This will be a new dawn in reinstating the drowning education system.

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