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Wilson Sossion Suggested That Students Who Score A's Should Train To Be Educators.

The former secretary general of Kenya National union of Teachers (KNUT ) Wilson Sossion has come up with an idea that students who score As in their KCSE examination should pursue education as a career.

" After form four,the top students who are scoring As should be able to join teaching so that we retain the best generation of good teachers, that is what Korea has done and that is why their economy has changed"Sossion said.

Wilson Sossion said that the government must be intentional in transforming and stop relying on school leavers and fresh graduates to solve economic issues for them.He said the following" Our education models in Africa are completely wrong, when we want students who can create jobs for themselves, school leavers are not magicians who can come and transform the economy if the economies do not work"

In the 2022 KCSE results that were announced by the Cabinet Secretary of Education Ezekiel Machogu a good number that is 1,146 students scored As.Sossion also added that the biggest mistake the government made was running education in the country like a business."We cannot run the government as a business entity and this is a problem that we have in our entire continent and our governance system.New business interest all over the world have looked at education in terms of business "Sossion said.

He also said that if the government fails to properly plan the academic footprint of the country,it will be difficult to put things right in the future.Thanks for reading my article.What is your view about Sossion's suggestion? Kindly comment below, follow, share and don't forget to like.

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