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List Of Things You Should Do When Experiencing Exam Fever

Examination time is usually a nightmare for most students as tension and fear rises, massive lost of weights, falling sick and being admitted to hospitals becomes the trend. It's usually a hard time for students especially those that haven't prepared well for their papers.

But no more worries, you can still do the following and still make out things at the last minute;

1. Sleep Well

When you deprive yourself of sleep, your concentration level reduces. Never deprive yourself of sleep because of examinations, it is quit risky as you require rest. Resting will help you process the information you have read. Have a break, take a shower, listen to some cool music and sleep well.

2. Eat Well

Your brain needs adequate nutrition. Food boosts your learning capacity and do not starve yourself. Have a balanced-diet because when your stomach is excited, your brain tends to retain information more.

3. Avoid Distractions

Give full attention to what you're studying and if possible turn off your internet connection and stay in a place as cool as possible to avoid distraction. This will reduce unnecessary tensions and forgetfulness.

4. Make a quick plan of what to cover

Bear in mind, it's impossible to cover the whole syllabus as you may have insufficient time for preparation. This will help you overcome tension. Make a list of the most relevant topics that you must cover up and do not rush in reading the topics so as not to get things messed up.

5. Revise On the D-day

Have a glance at your notes before entering the examination room and always be calm when doing this. Look over important details you wrote down while reading and always breathe in and out to reduce tension which gives you confidence and stamina to tackle your exam.

6. Keep Calm And Face Your Examination

When in examination, do not panic and never take most of your time on the things you don't know. Be calm and have confidence and try to move with speed and accuracy as time does not wait for no man. Never spend to much time on one question and respond to each question as per your best knowledge.

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Sleep Well


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