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Least Marketable Degrees Which Students Should Keen On When Selecting Courses

Many are the times when our dreams of having the best career life get shut off by the kind of courses we pursue in campus. The list of very unmarketable degrees is still piling up in our universities, with no one showing any concern about it. Actually that's the reason why there are so many unemployed youths in the country, graduates just losing their first honor class certificates to very local jobs like selling clothes and vegetables. Has really contributed to the rise of poverty among Kenyans. 

Here is a list of the most useless courses, compiled from different sites.

1. Advertising and public relations

Entails branding company commodities and creating awareness to the community or related audience. They build attraction to the products through promotions, samples, announcements and price cut offs during events like Easter and Christmas celebrations. Also ensures that relationship between the company and the society is perfectly fine, through giving back in form of charity work, provision of social amenities and other free services. 

Social media has taken it all, since now the organizations are able to communicate with the target persons and getting full market in apps and ads. Therefore need very few personnel and reach out to a very large number of people within a short period of time.

2. Anthropology and archaeology

What pops up in your mind when such terms are mentioned? Only the knowledge taught from History in highschool is what we all know. Yeah, it seems very easy to study and have the best grades, but you'll tarmac after school to get a job because such opportunities are very rare and the government has not yet provided the required facilities for research in this field. Together, they deal with the study of humankind origin and continued evolutions to this day, as well as focusing on human culture and it's change.

The only possible way to make it in this area , is by doing a PhD level then engaging in close relationship with the experts, which all demands for strong connection. 

3. Fashion and design

Categorized under the Bachelor of Arts, and a bit related to textile industries since it uses materials like nylons , cotton and leather to come up with beautiful garment patterns, sizes, textures and fashionable designs for all genders. Before coming up with a particular trend, you must determine the person who is to wear it, the occasion and cultural influence. The sectors which provide such machines for tailoring are really few, thus graduates are forced to start their own firms , which require too much capital,that may not be affordable to everyone.

4. Tourism and hospitality

Concerned with offering hotel management services such as reception, catering and accommodation to local and international visitors. One may be a waiter, chef, cashier or receptionist. Most of them are based on private ownership, hence opportunities are limited due to nepotism. Every family that owns a restaurant, check out, it's operated by relatives or friends. This leaves out many educated specialists who can do it better but lack the chances of getting employed in the hotels. 

Thus it's important to do a thorough research and be careful when selecting courses to avoid landing on these troublesome ones. There are others like criminology, theology, sports and political science, which are also in the list. 

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