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"I Wasn't Brave in School, I knew Very Well I will Fail KCSE Terribly" Pritty Vishy Says.

Stivo Simple Boy's Ex Girlfriend Pritty Vishy has caused stir online again. This is after she decided to reveal to the public that she wasn't smart in school and in their class she was among the people who were performing very bad.

Pritty said while in form four, they were divided and the smart people were taken to another class, while others were left in their own class. So teachers only used to teach the smart people, while for her and her crew they were just told to attend classes if they are willing.

Pritty said that she just knew very well that she will fail KCSE terribly and it happened so, hence she didn't perform very well, but through God's luck, youtube has come to rescue her, and now she is making a good amount of money from youtube. She said that it is all God's plans.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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