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Two Things You Should Not Try While In A Kenyan Campus

Campus is the place where most people get the chance to explore all sought of things they had not tried before, some of these things may in the end lead to depression and even death. as a result of peer pressure, most youths in campus have lost track of themselves, so here are some of the things that you should try to avoid while in campus so as to be safe and sane.

Cheating in exams, as much as it may sound fun to be cheating in exams with your mates in campus, the consequences may be dire if at all you fall into the trap of the merciless lecturers, cheating in exams while in campus has made many youths to be expelled from school, due to the fear and guilt of explaining to their parents and 'village judges' they end up living miserably in the cities.

Stealing is another crime you should not take to campus, it has also led to the expulsion of many students who have been involved in theft and robbery, other students have also been gunned down by the police and set on fire by the mob. If you want to be safe then this is a crime you should not plan to commit while in campus, this is because the world out there is so unforgiving.

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