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TSC Is Dictatorial, Insiders Now Say

The insiders in the teachers service commission have now said that the commission leaders are Dictatorial. This is after they forced for implementation of reforms In the profession.

The commission is in the eye of a storm over iron fisted leadership. The insiders say, most leaders in the commission have tendecies to dictate and force policy formulation. No freedom or discussion is allowed in the commission.

The leaders goes somewhere and brings a policy up. The other staff in the commission have only one role to do. Just to implement the policies brought forward.

In the recent move, the commission came up with tpd modules for teachers. It said, all employed teachers will have to undergo training after every five years. They will be presented with a certificate upon completion of the modules. This has faced stiff opposition from teachers.

The commission is also considering introduction of uniforms for the teachers. All teachers will be required to have certain uniforms while in school. This policy is facing alot of opposition within the commission, a reason why they haven't rolled it out.

Insiders are predicting a fall in the commission to the worst levels as time moves. We wish all teachers the best. Thanks.

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