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How to be a Cool Kid in Campus: Tales of a Campus Boy

Campus is a very challenging place in terms of blending in for the first time. It might be very hard to make friends as some find it difficult to give an aesthetic first impression. However, there could be one or two simple mistakes that you are making.

Many face difficulties because they try too hard to be cool. They find that they have done the complete opposite. What many fail to understand is that there is a very big difference between being a cool kid and being a clown. In trying to be cool, you might worsen the situation by making yourself a clown.

The first step in being a cool kid is learning to speak only when it is needed. Cool kids are very silent people. They are mostly mistaken for introverts. However, they are only silent because they reflect upon their thoughts and ideas before speaking or acting. The first mistake you might be making in trying to be cool is talking too much to appear knowledgeable but making mistakes in the process and appearing as a clown.

The second step is minding your own business. You might have noticed that the quiet students in campus mostly stick to their own lane. They are uninterested in what activities others might be taking part in and mostly do not react to unnecessary drama. Do not, under any circumstance, indulge in activities that do not affect you directly.

To be a cool kid, you have to be knowledgeable. Learn as much as you can about things your peers are interested in such as football or computer gaming. This creates a solid common ground for your association with your peers. Without this, you will appear boring instead.

Another very important thing is to choose your crowd wisely. This is a very important step in making a name for yourself in campus. Many often mistake a rowdy crowd for a cool one. Do not be lured by their rowdy actions. The cool kids are often in silent crowds that mostly indulge in very unique activities.

Another step is choosing your dressing carefully. You are supposed to dress very uniquely. Seek a modern fashion or trend. It must not necessarily be expensive but fashionable. You should also be very careful in the selection of colours that you dress in.

These are very easy steps that might help you in making friends and building your image in campus. Whether you are joining campus or continuing with your studies, you should always be careful in building your image.

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