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The Great Debate, Should Corporal Punishment Return or Not?

Spare the rod spoil the child just as it is written in the holy scriptures. I personally won’t go against Spare part but all rod for every little mistake is not always the answer. Every child needs to be discipled in order to grow up right and yes, a few pinches here and there are needed to set the child straight.

During my primary years corporal punishment was legal, most of us got strokes for the slightest mistakes done and was this effective? I don’t know. On my part it made me awfully scared of my teachers to the point where participating in class was to save myself from a whooping rather than even get what is being taught. When I was in form two, we had this math teacher who would always carry a green plastic pipe to class. He would then teach, give out a sample question and if you didn’t get it right you got a beating, it was so bad that every time that math lesson was up, everyone would wrap a Shuka around them in their skirts. During this lesson it was hard to understand anything since we were constantly in the lookout.

Personally, I think that if you use the rod too much people become afraid of you, most people mistake this for respect. Even if you did give students a lot of lashing it still wouldn’t guarantee that they would pass their exams. On the other hand, having no rod at all can be hard at first because controlling the students might be a little tricky. If the pupils in question do not have any special needs then they can be talked to and reasoned with, Not every situation requires a cane. There can be use of rewards and punishment to modify behavior; other form of punishment that doesn’t entail lifting a cane. So what do you think about how the corporal punishment affected pupils? All images are[ courtesy of google]

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